A Brief Brush up on What You Need to Know About Termites

In California, termites are a very prominent species of insect. Termites are wood eating insects that fall in the family Isoptera. Isopterea is an insect group which some say date back 100 million years and more. Termites as a species are very devastating due to the fact that they live so long and have colonies which can multiply with very little food. The termites peak season usually falls between the later days of February and continues into May. At this point the termites start there swarm. The Damp Wood Termite, Subterranean Termite, and the Damp Wood Termite, are all species that thrive in areas of California and appear in 3 ways, winged, soldiers, reproductive, and workers. Because termites are such a ever thriving species, termite control is a necessity, and a solid plan of attack is a must and should be started before the thriving season. A plan can prevent costly professional repairs. Boric Acid is a less costly option that may solve the problem if it is still minimal.

The more common termite control method used in California on Ground Termites, or Subterranean Termites, is chemical barrier placement; essentially putting the chemical barrier between the termites and the area (structure) you are looking to prevent from infection. After an area or structure has been infected termiticides are placed in the ground by methods of rodding, drilling or sometimes trenching. Usually the best method for ridding of the Termites is a combination of these methods, so do not try to hold out in any area if possible, because your home is at stake.

While barriers due there job in the soil, a termite can still live in the structure off the water in the wood for some time, (as long as wood is untreated) ,so wooden treatments are also often used in conjunction with the dirt applications. In California there is a seventy percent chance of a wooden structure being attacked by termites within a time frame of ten to twenty years. You can try and prevent a termite attack by spreading bait block of Boric Acid around the wooden structure. Boric Acid bait Blocks attract the termites without an excesive use of chemicals which can make it a cheaper form of termite control.

If termites are still getting into the structure after dirt treatments have been used it can be because the barrier placed was not enough and the termites have discovered and area 滅白蟻價錢  of the barrier which has not been treated enough. If the lumber inside of the structure itself has been infected the treatment that needs to be done is the injection of certain chemicals into the wood itself in an attempt to reach the termite cluster or home. You can prevent an entire termite invasion mess by performing simple tasks such as clearing wood from the yard and ridding of unnecessary fence posts and tree stumps.

A termite invasion can more often than not be contained within a year if the proper termite baits are used. Termite baits can rid of a termite infestation by directing it’s aim toward the colony itself. When soil termiticides are not the answer for various reasons such as chemical concerns around a vegetable garden or a play area, you can sometimes rid the termite invasion simply by using various termite baits such as Boric Acid. Termites find bait stations and lead the poison back to the colony. Termite baits are designed so the termite can bring the poison back to the colony whether it is in the soil or in the wood structure, and can be a wise choice for areas of potential chemical concern.

Termites can make their way into a home or structure through cracks in the cement foundation as little as 1/64 “. In the U.S. termites create over five billion dollars in damage and annihilate over 750 million in property annually. Termite control is an essential action to take as a homeowner because the termite eat 24 hours a day ( meaning they never sleep). A good control plan can vary from termite bait such as Boric Acid to the use of both soil rods, soil baits, and other soil treatment along with various baits depending on the severity of the concern. Termite colonies have there cooperation down to the “T” and are an amazing creation. Because of there tremendous cooperation the termite can build amazing things like giant structures of there own in hollowed out large trees, or transferring large amounts of soil from one area to another. So the main idea in all this is using the correct termite control and the proper prevention.


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