A List Of Great Canadian Income Tax Software Programs

Canada has a wealth of income tax preparation software that can do more than just let you calculate your income tax and file in your return. Most tax software programs available in Canada also include a number of useful tax planning features that allow you to analyze a wide range of income tax scenarios. There are income tax software programs that cater to file taxes online an individual as well as in business.

Businesses are required to fill out a highly accurate income tax return. Such businesses might be able to benefit a lot from using income tax software to help them in their tax preparation. Here is a short list of several income tax software programs available that Canadian citizens as well as any sole proprietorship or partnership business may be able to make good use of during the tax season.


This user-friendly and popular Canadian income tax software program helps you prepare your income taxes quickly and with ease. This software program has useful features such as The EasyStep Interview that guides you through the tax preparation process by asking significant questions needed to fill out your income tax forms. This software also makes tax planning a snap because of its ability to cover multiple tax scenarios that also offer automatic tax calculations. Other useful features that come with this popular income tax software program include tools such as the capital gains analyzer and incorporation analyzer.


This Canadian tax software program is useful in the preparation of personal income tax Many interesting features of this income tax program include providing multiple “what if” scenarios. This software also offers a convenient popup help when being used top prepare taxes and also provides multiple filing options that allows you to prepare up to six income tax returns at any one time.

GenuTax Canadian Tax Software

The good thing about this typical income tax software is that it offers future annual software updates for free online. You never have to purchase updated versions unlike those being offered by other income tax software companies. Another interesting feature that this particular program has is that you may be able to prepare and file a limitless number of tax returns which most tax preparation software programs fail to provide.


This wonderful software program is known to be the only fully functional user-friendly Canadian tax preparation software that is available in both individual (T1) and corporate (T2) versions for Macintosh OS users. A version of this tax software for Windows OS is also available that can be used to prepare individual as well as business income tax. Different software versions available for both operating systems are all quick, simple to understand and easy to use.


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