Babe Ruth and the House That He Built

Throughout his professional career, Babe Ruth played for three major league teams: Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, and the New York Yankees. And his rise to fame started to when he was sold to the New York Yankees in 1919. Boston Red Sox owner, Harry Frazee saw Ruth as a liability Babe168 rather than an asset. I’m sure Frazee regretted his decision when Ruth started winning pennants and World Series for the Yankees. This is still considered as the worst sports blunder in baseball. Babe Ruth was crushed at first when he was sold to the Yankees. Nevertheless, his mind was more than determined to keep going. Babe Ruth was an exceptional player who demonstrated how mental baseball have helped him go beyond feelings of frustration, and converting it to a desirable performance in the diamond field.

Babe Ruth was committed to the idea of winning. He did not have a say when he was being sold off to the New York Yankees. Boston Red Sox was the powerhouse back then, and the Yankees have never experienced winning a World Series back then. Babe Ruth was a bit disappointed with this fact, but kept his mind focused on winning. His deep love for the game roots back to how he viewed the game as his whole life. The Babe’s excellent mental baseball strategies were insightful that even his fellow Babe168 RTP Yankee members learned from him, for them to also someday make a mark in baseball history like he did.

He inculcated in his mind that regardless of what team he was in, he wouldn’t let that be a hindrance to his awesome skills as a baseball player. And so Ruth’s dedication in helping the New York Yankees win a World Series started in 1920. His showmanship attracted a sea of fans every time they had a game. At some point, they were sharing a stadium with the New York Giants. When Babe Ruth started playing for the Yankees, this attracted a lot of fans. Giants must have been intimidated with the fact that it was their home turf but there were more Yankees fans than Giants fans. The Yankees were asked to move to their own stadium, and so they did. In 1923, the New York Yankees moved to their own stadium in the Bronx and it was attended by more than 75,000 fans, despite the 62,000 seating capacity. It was during the inauguration that the world saw Ruth’s first home run. It was indeed a memorable day for Yankee fans.

The Yankee Stadium never failed to fill itself up quickly when Babe Ruth was playing. He was loved and adored by fans not just because of his great abilities as a hitter, but also Ruth knew how to show his genuine fondness for the game. Babe Ruth knew how to have fun in the house that he built, and it was both magic and happiness to every New York Yankees fan.

Babe Ruth is a once in a lifetime phenomena. This can be highly attributed to his positive mindset in the game that he so loved to play. He is a legend, whose abilities can only be replicated through mastery of mental baseball.


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