Bulldog Puppy Training

In Modern world, one of the old and prestigious kinds of dogs is Bulldog. Bulldogs have been symbol of courage, hardship French bulldog puppies for adoption and bullheaded in England since 1500s. In home, having an adventurous and aggressive bulldog puppy, you will face many difficulties to train him.

Choosing your puppy:

Choosing a puppy is not an easy task, it involves a research process, to have a good puppy for yourself. If you follow some steps, you will be able to have a good puppy. Bulldog is such kind of dogs who are very flat to the diseases, which could occur to them any stage of their life. So it is better to choose that puppy whose health is good and he is well examined by the specialist as they are mostly suffered with ear and nose diseases. You should go for that puppy that is just 8 weeks old and have good and friendly behavior.

As soon you bring in the puppy at your home, start training him, the only condition applies is that he should be old enough and has been raised properly. If the puppy is not socialized and not old enough, then do it as first priority to avoid any aggressive issues.

Bulldog Puppy Training:

When your puppy reaches at the age of 10 weeks, start training him immediately. At young age, bulldogs mostly show aggressiveness in their behavior, so make sure you are using crate training at home to restrict him to cause damage or breaking at home. Once it is done, the bulldog remains calm and careful at home to avoid any damage.

After basics, create an environment which reflects you as alpha pack leader. It is very important that you train you puppy not to bite by using toys and making whining sounds to show that this act will cause pain. It is strictly advised that you don’t let your puppy to jump on the couch or let him sleep in your bed.

Use basic training to move to obedience phase for 3 to 6 months, focusing to teach the commands like sitting, staying, lying down, focusing on you, waiting inside, coming when called, and not pulling on the leash. Bulldogs are very adaptive on picking these commands, but you may find difficulty initially to make him follow your sues.

Using Bulldog Puppy Training to Protect Them

Bulldogs are born with curiosity and have courageous nature, that’s why they are always seem to explore more and more, and this is why they are so stubborn. It is your duty to keep a sharp eye on them that they do not chase cars, do not run from you in public or stop at the curb. It is not recommended to take your bulldog puppy without a leash unless you are certain that he will be back on calling. You have to be more careful with bulldog than other breeds as it is highly risky.

Initially, may be, you will find it difficult to train your bulldog but eventually you will come to know that bulldogs are very loyal, attentive, and active dogs you will ever find. They will follow your instructions by staying by your side and stay clean. But it will only happen if you will take steps for his training early and making sure that he is following it.


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