Carbon Water Filters and Tricks Used For Clear Clean Water

If you find that your tap water is not very tasty, there is an effective way to remove the offending tastes from the water you drink. Carbon water filters are an inexpensive way to remove chlorine and other bad tastes from your water.

Activated charcoal is the ingredient found in carbon filters that is responsible for keeping water tasting great. Activated charcoal removes most impurities leaving only clear, pure, great tasting water.

Many people are turning to home filtered water rather than bottled for many different reasons. While carbon water filters leave your plain tap water tasting as good or better than any of the bottled varieties, it is much less expensive. Individual bottles may cost over a dollar each, while carbon filtered waters cost only pennies per gallon.

Carbon filter users rarely run out of drinking water. Some filters will last up to six months before the cartridge needs to be replaced. This means that you always have the water you need and love to drink. There is no need to make a fast trip to the store for more of the bottled stuff.

Carbon water filters are available that require no plumbing changes or there are under counter systems that need professional installation. The simplest filters allow the user to pour the water through a filter. berkey vs alexapure The filtered water drips into a pitcher below where it can be stored until needed. These simple systems are very inexpensive and produce great tasting water.

Carbon filters can be added directly to a kitchen tap. The aerator is unscrewed from the faucet and the filter unit screws back into its place. Some of these filters have an indicator that will let you know when you should change your filter cartridge in order to keep the water tasting great.

Many modern refrigerators have a carbon filter that removes impurities from water that is used in the ice maker. Some of these refrigerators have a tap that allows you to get cooled drinking water from the door of the fridge. While slightly more expensive, under counter carbon water filters are a convenient way to get pure drinking water. The systems must be plumbed into your water system, but automatically dispense pure drinking water.


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