Diversity Training – The Global Workplace

The global economy is fueled by free trade agreements and the new development in technology. This new global economy has also changed the landscaping of the workforce. The next generation workforce will come from a pool of global talent not from your neighborhood, but from around the world. To create a competitive advantage for the firm, companies must build strategies that utilize diversity as an asset of the organization.When they embrace 10-panel drug testing diversity it allows the organization to meet the demands of their consumers. Successful interaction and communication can bring both challenges and a positive impact to the bottom-line of the organization. Organizations that embrace diversity improve employee relationships and increase productivity. Developing a diverse staff that can work together cooperatively is one of the biggest challenges that organizations face today.10+ Globe HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds

oUnderstand the new culture of the organization. Every employee brings new backgrounds and beliefs which create a new culture. By understanding and embracing the shared history and subtle cultural nuances you can provide organizations with an understanding that sharpens their skills so that they have a deeper understanding of dynamics of their global market. Archetypal analysis allows us to create a deeper understanding the culture and can align the strengths and values of the organization.

oCreate a personal awareness of understanding and learning about your personal archetype. No matter what culture we come from, life is a journey that changes as we grow and learn. Assessments and training of archetypes can provide us with an understanding of an unconscious, instinctual level that influences our motivations and actions.

When diversity is treated as a valued asset, it can create innovative and creative ideas which can create a competitive advantage for any organization. Diversity training creates an awareness that allows employees and managers to discover self-awareness, values and beliefs, and behaviors. Diversity awareness training assists in developing decision-making and social action skills so that employees learn to view events and situations from a variety of perspectives.
To attract and retain the best talent will require companies to value their employees. It will be necessary for companies to devote time and resources that embrace the future workforce.

Doreen M. McGunagle, Ph. D. is a corporate organizational speaker and has a doctorate in Organization and Management with a specialization in International Business. As CEO of Global Strategic Management Solutions, an organizational consulting firm that specializes in assisting organizations growth and improves their performance, and brings 25 years experience working with Fortune 1000 companies. Doreen has presented papers worldwide and published several articles on organizational change, international business, strategic management, and leadership issues. Dr. McGunagle is the author of the Chinese Auto Industry: Taming the Dragon

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