Freelance Writers – Client Buzzwords That Land Freelance Writing Jobs

In advertising, there are certain buzzwords that are synonymous with selling more, eg, free, save, win, etc. As a freelance writer, if you become intimate with buzzwords that sell, you can make your communication more effective – and land more freelance writing jobs.

Following are two client buzzwords that lead to more freelance writing jobs. Incorporate these into your marketing efforts and you’ll be surprised at how many more writing jobs you can get.

2 Buzzwords That Lead to More Freelance Writing Jobs

1. You: You has been touted as the most powerful words in the English language. Why? Because it puts the prospect front and center. It plays to the WIIFM advertising principle, eg, “What’s in it for me?”

When you use the word you in your queries, for example, it makes prospects feel as if you’re speaking to them directly – not some unknown business prospect. Following is how to use the word “you” effectively when you query clients:

Wrong Way: Clients who used our SEO writing services experienced, on average, a 25% increase in online orders.

Right Way: You will experience a 15-25% increase in online orders when you use our SEO article writing services.

2. Easy: Who doesn’t want a solution to their problems? And, who doesn’t want that solution to be “easy”? When prospects see the word easy, it takes away the anxiety of “this is another thing I’m going to have to tackle.”

The reason firms hire freelance writers is to get work done that they either don’t have the time to do in-house, or don’t have the staff to complete. Whatever the reason, prospects like to feel that they’re getting an uncomplicated solution to a problem.

Whenever possible, make it easy for prospective clients to work with you. Some ways to do that are:

i) On your website, don’t have them fill out long, complicated questionnaires. Have a simple email address where they can email you, or a phone number where they can call you, or a short questionnaire where they spell out what they need so you can reddit essay writing service get back to them with an immediate answer.

ii) In your correspondence, relay to them how easy it is to work with you. For example, you might say, “To complete your SEO article order, all you have to do is email me the keyword phrases and how many articles you need. I will confirm with you and get your articles back to you in 48 hours. That’s it!”

In essence, you’re letting them know that all they need to do is fire off a simple email and the work will be done almost immediately. No complicated questions to answer, forms to fill out, confidentiality agreements to sign, etc.

Remember, all most clients want in a freelance writer is someone who is competent, professional and reliable. If you highlight these factors, along with the fact that your services are all about them (eg, using the word “you”) and that it’s easy to get started with you, then you are more than 90% of the way to landing more freelance writing jobs.

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