LED TVs – The Better Choice for You

LED TVs have surfaced in the market bringing in a more enjoyable viewing experience for the users. It is true that LCD TVs are high definition televisions but the flaws that the televisions had were solved when the LED TVs appeared. This makes the new HDTV LED a better choice if you are planning to buy a new TV.

LED TVs still use LCD panels but instead of using cold cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFLs, LEDs use light emitting diodes to back light the television. LCD panels alone don’t produce light so they need to use a back lighting material for the television to work. Since LEDs are smaller than the fluorescent lamps, they are more power efficient and consume less power ( up to 30% ). This will definitely help you when it comes to your electric king tv on firestick bill. The panels used are also thinner than the fluorescent panels so LED TVs are slimmer and lighter. They can be as thick as one inch and they are easier to hang on walls. They are also more environmentally friendly and easier to dispose because there’s no mercury in any part of the television.

LED TVs also deliver higher dynamic contrast because the LEDs that are used at the back of the television can be turned on and off independently unlike the fluorescent lamps. In this way, the television can give deep blacks that the plasma TVs gives and high brightness that LCD TVs deliver. You can enjoy high definition at its finest and can see rich colors that can give real life images.


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