Leverage Social Media For B2B Lead Generation

It comes as no shocking revelation that social media is a vital component of an integrated marketing strategy, but what marketers fail to realize is how powerful social media can be as a B2B lead generation channel. Initiating and maintaining active social media presence ensures that a business is always in touch with current and prospective customers. Truth be told, this is just a means of lending a human touch to a non-human entity, i.e., the enterprise. So, while earlier one couldn’t possibly think of interacting with their favorite sports brand or supermarket, customers today are more aware and demand immediate answers.

In such a scenario, there’s a plethora of B2B lead generation opportunities, provided one looks in the right direction. Talking of prospective customers, one can easily reach out to potential buyers who are searching for solutions and haven’t taken a call. So, the million dollar question is, how to do it? Frankly speaking, there are thousands of permutations and combinations that can work for brands across different target markets, as per the prevailing marketing scenario, but that doesn’t mean there are no guidelines. In fact, there are some basic rules that must be adhered to at all times to ensure that the marketing team’s efforts don’t go waste.

First of all, multi-platform presence is a must, because one never knows which of the available social networking sites can land a great lead. Also, when there are so many options at one’s disposal

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, it makes sense to use all of them, doesn’t it! Sure, there’s a bit of extra effort, but it’s definitely worth a shot. Another point to remember is that one must try to post as much of exclusive content as possible. Sharing useful links is great, but if the content is original, it adds even more value to brand equity. And lastly, promoting products and services should be done in a very smart manner. Sure, there are exceptions in the B2C space where one can say things upfront, but it’s a strict no-no in case of B2B.

Essentially, market exposure is a measure of how ‘available’ a business entity is, i.e., how many people know about it, both online as well as offline? Owing to the current trends and the advent of technology, if someone is known online, the effect is seen in the offline worlds as well, so much so that there is even no need to actively hunt for B2B lead generation tactics and employ them, as people automatically search for an entity online!

However, in order to reach such a stage, it’s essential to have expert assistance with regards to B2B lead generation. In case the sales team in a particular organization is not capable of handling the responsibility, it’s not a very smart idea to go on a wild goose chase with a trial and error psychology. The best way to achieve the desired results is by hiring an external agency which specializes in the same, so that all the efforts towards achieving this objective are fruitful, and businesses continue to evolve in revenues and magnitude of work.



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