New Car Detailing Product

Never do I cease to be amazed watching the car detailing product market as it continues to experiment and grow. Just when I think I’ve got a hold on something, bang out comes a new idea and a great product. Many of us regardless of age are still involved cleaning our vehicles using our best car cleaning product.

In the past and still today the vast scenario goes from rags, hoses, washing, polish, bug removers, leather conditioners, buffing compounds, contaminate removers, fiber glass cleaners, road tar, metal cleaners and the list continues on. I looked into the shed a few weeks ago and realized I didn’t really enjoy my car cleaning as I had in the past.https://shinesdetailing.com.au/

In fact I thought the wax pads used today was something new. I found out that professional detailers have been using these for a long time. A simple thing such as cleaning your car windows isn’t as easy as it once was. I washed mine at least (4) different ways and still didn’t get the streaks and film off. Absolutely disgusting.

Smog in the air today is causing a lot of damage not only to the air we breathe but to our vehicles and other products as well. Then, many of the property facilities here in Southern California no longer allow the washing of cars on the property where you live. No hoses or hook ups are available for use. While I can respect the goal of helping to reduce the effects of pollution it sure makes things very difficult.

New products coming on the market today may very well be a good solution to the growing problems that are developing today. Recently we were introduced to a waterless car wash product. Sound ridicules? Did to me! After a thorough demo and many questions, along with at home use for over a month we definitely have found a new worthy car detailing product.

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