Newport Pembrokeshire – Everything you Could Want in a Seaside Town

Newport, Pembrokeshire is an adorable little sea side town which is very popular for tourists. “Trefdraeth” is the local beach, and its name actually means “Town by the sands” in Welsh. It is known for its beautiful Newport Residences Condo golden sand. Many people enjoy this beach for its beauty, and take advantage of the ideal conditions for swimming, sailing and many other water sports.

“Castell Henllys” is a fascinating reconstructed Iron age round fort, dating back to about six hundred BC. Archeologist continue working on this sight, and finding many artifacts. These thatched round buildings continue to be discovered, and actually rebuilt on there original foundations. The educational opportunity here is truly fantastic. They offer learning programs for the local children as well as college level archeology programs. This place is unique and a real treat. Do not miss this one.

“Newport castle” originally was built in the early twelfth century, however it was destroyed on two different occasions some time around the thirteen century. Finally in eighteen fifty nine it was restored as a residence. This is privately owned, with plans on more renovation in order to allow the public inside. Now, the outside is still something you want to see, as it is quite interesting and beautiful.

The picturesque beauty of Newport is captivating. It is no surprise that it has become home to so many artists. If you are a painter, photographer or any other type of artist, you will no doubt find Newport no less than delightful.

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