No More Fashion Parades at Indianapolis Schools

Indianapolis Schools Set Dress Codes

Students at Indianapolis schools this year have to get used to leaving many of their personal preferences at home. The school district, the largest in the state, has laid down a set of rules that govern the way students dress when they come to class. The new dress requirement at Indianapolis techwear clothes schools touches almost every item of clothing a student could be wearing from shirts, pants and skirts to belts and shoes, and even under garments. Under the new dress code students in Indianapolis schools will attend class wearing only solid colored shirts paired with tan, black or navy pants and skirts. Undershirts that are the wrong color or shirts that are not tucked in neatly are strict no nos according to the new regulations. That symbol of youth rebellion, the low slung pair of pants sagging to dangerous depths has also been completely ruled out as part of the new dress code at Indianapolis schools.

Indianapolis Schools Aim to Dress for Success

The new dress code regulations at Indianapolis schools are an attempt to improve the image of the school district. Superintendent Eugene White says the new dress code will change the perception of Indianapolis schools into an image of a school district that expects excellence. He says the new dress regulations will affect changes in the way Indianapolis schools look, act and teach. Although there haven’t been any major studies that show that having a uniform dress code can impact academic excellence, Indianapolis schools have decided that this is a small step towards fostering an improved learning environment in schools. And one has to agree. Schools places to foster learning and build character; this focus is shifted when teenagers walk around with ridiculous clothing that aims to grab attention by any means possible. A dress code prevents distractions in classes and also eliminates any class distinctions that may arise because of the way a student dresses.

Predictably enough, the new dress code has students upset. Many students are of the opinion that some of the regulations border on the ridiculous. One student claims she was asked to go home because her jacket did not match her pants. Students at some school like Tech High School have been particularly prone to discipline action on account of dress code violations. Critics of the system say the code is more difficult to enforce in places like Tech High School because of the sheer numbers of students and the difficulty in monitoring their clothes. Others say suspending students in the Indianapolis Schools for dress code violations doesn’t help make them better students. These seem to be minor glitches in a system that’s still new and in the process of being tested. Once these road bumps are smoothed out, Indianapolis schools might find they have improved their image at least in terms of developing a pro learning environment in their campuses.

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