Private Detectives

Private detectives 香港偵探總會 are intriguing characters often colorfully portrayed in fictional accounts on screen and in books. However, the professional investigation trade is a very real career choice for countless millions of people worldwide. In fact, there has never been a better time to get involved in the surveillance, intelligence-gathering and espionage sectors as right now, since demand for quality workers is greater than ever before.

Private detectives can offer general investigation services or might specialize in a particular niche facet of the detective arts. There are all manner of investigative experts available for hire and following in this career path can be incredibly lucrative for any person with the skills and training to help them achieve success. Although the investigation sector is considered a non-traditional career choice, the job can provide an excellent living and also set the stage for the possibility of being your own boss if you decide to someday found your own detective agency.

Although offering general detective services is the most common strategy of investigation businesses, I always recommend specializing in a particular type of case assignment. This will narrow your competition and make you the “go-to” person when someone requires your particular type of case solved. Generally investigators must deal with fierce competition from each other and rarely network to a successful degree. However, niche specialists are the exact opposite, with far less competition and easy networking opportunities, since all the general service providers will use the specialist as an expert consultant in their respective fields. Fees charged by specialists can also be much higher and it is well known that although the work load may be lighter, the income potential is far greater…

So, what field is best to specialize it, when it comes to the detective arts? Well, this depends on your vocational background, as well as your foundation skills and talents. I always say go with what you are best at doing, but that is not to say that you can not pursue special training to become an expert in virtually any sector of professional investigation. Some of the niche sectors to consider include criminal investigations, trial preparation investigations and personal injury investigations. The sky is the limit, since virtually every field will require niche investigators. If it can be done, then it can be undone, and any event may require a professional investigator to understand when, why and how the relevant events occurred…

I highly recommend the private detective career path for anyone who desires an interesting and challenging vocational experience. Best of all, it is easy to work for yourself, or as a consultant, virtually anywhere in the world. Investigation is needed internationally, so travel may be part of the job. If you are ready to seek your fortune in a new field and have what it takes to compete, then professional detective work may be just the ticket to elevate you to heights never before imagined… To learn more, contact a national, international or local private investigator’s association or one of the many educational institutions which offer private investigation training opportunities.


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