Samsung Armani vs Samsung F210 – Performance Matters A Lot

Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturing companies in the global markets. This South Korea based company is an established player in the consumer goods industry. Now, it has done well in the mobile industry too by introducing some of the best selling mobile devices. Samsung phones are stylish and fashionable and therefore these are appreciated by the mobile lovers worldwide. A number of modern features have been added in the handsets in order to create a better name in the mobile industry.

Samsung Armani and Samsung F210 are the latest models of handsets that are luring the users. The Armani is a high-end phone which is favoured by the professionals and business class people. Basically it is a product that has been produced by Samsung Technologies in collaboration with Giorgio Armani fashion house. The Armani is a designer phone which has been designed by the renowned designers of the Armani Group. One can find this phone very useful as it scores well not only in terms of looks but also in many advanced features.

Samsung F210 is a modern phone which has been recently launched by Samsung. It has a 1.46 inch large TFT screen which is capable of showing 256K colours. Although the screen size is less than Samsung Armani, it is having a better resolution. The phone book can store 1000 entries which helps users to have a larger number of contact details in the handset. The Samsung F210 has a 2 mega pixel camera and a powerful music player. The music player supports all types of music files such as MP3, AAC, WMA, etc. One can have the pleasure to listen to FM radio as well on this handset. The GPRS and EDGE technologies provide fast web connectivity that enable users to download songs and other data from internet. samsung au770

Samsung Armani is a light weight phone. It weighs just 102 grams which makes it one of the lightest phones in the industry. The dimensions of this handset are 8.8 x 5.4 x 0.9 cm and the size of TFT touch screen is 2 inch. The phone is based on 3G technology and the GPRS/GSM facilities provide fast internet access to the users. As far as multimedia features are concerned, the Samsung Armani has a 3 mega pixel camera which is supported by auto focus and a powerful zoom to capture some good quality photographs with the help of this camera phone. Several other value-added features have been provided in the handset. For example, one can find Document Viewer, MMS and Video call facility. Users can have access to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF files.

Considering the features of both the handsets, the talk of Samsung Armani vs. Samsung F210 has already begun. Users are finding it quite difficult to choose one of them as both devices are having advanced features. Nevertheless, it totally depends on the user to select his favourite phone. If someone is a fashion lover, she or he can go for the Armani whereas the tech-savvy people can opt for the F210 model of handset. Both Samsung Armani and Samsung F210 are the great quality phones and they have their own benefits.


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