Share a Bit of Your Soul When You Kiss the One You Love

Kissing is a way to connect with another person. A kiss can be intimate yet casual or romantic. There are kisses on the hand, cheek, and lips. Where, when, how and who you kiss determines the nature of your relationship with that person.

Kissing on the lips, between lovers is very romantic. A kiss on the lips exchanges your breath and even a little bit of your sole. You open yourself up to another person when you allow him or her to kiss you.

Over time, kissing may become old hat and boring. How are you able to keep the spark and electricity of that first kiss? The first kiss with someone is very special. Every kiss after that first kiss is just a shadow of that kiss. The real trick is knowing where you go from being a stranger to knowing someone well and how to keep kissing exciting. It is easy to learn how to kiss!

There are kissing techniques that you can use to help keep the spark of that first kiss exciting time after time. What can you do to make kissing more enjoyable than it naturally is? Practice kissing techniques!

Moist, soft lips make for an inviting, pleasurable kiss. Keeping a kiss light and playful is usually more enjoyable. Caress the lips and tongue. Do not bite or engage in a wrestling match. Pay attention to where your kissing partner is leading you. Try to match his or her style.

The best way to train your partner how you enjoy being kissed is to kiss them they way you wish to be kissed. You can use your tongue the way you want it to be used on your lips or in your mouth.

Your body is another aspect of kissing that does not always get a lot of attention. Don’t be tense. Use your body to demonstrate the level of passion you are feeling.

Use your hands and arms. Run your fingers through 918kiss his or her hair. Hold her waist, wrap your arms around him or her. Caress her gently. The shorter person in the kiss should tiptoe a little and hold their head back to make kissing more comfortable when standing. The taller person can spread his legs apart a bit to lessen the height distance as well.

French kissing gets a lot of attention. But it is just a kiss that begins like all other kisses. When you French kiss someone, you press your lips to theirs. Then, slowly you open your mouths and begin to gently explore with your tongues.

As important is having a soft, lubricated mouth is your head position in a kiss. Heads should be tilted to one side. Opposite sides, obviously, because you do not want to lean in only to bump noses with your kissing partner.

Eyes open or closed? That is a good question. Well you should do whatever feels comfortable for you. Most people close their eyes when they make contact. Sometimes it is pleasurable to make eye contact during a kiss and can build the intensity of a kiss.

Kissing someone is a cooperative effort, if you will. Intimacy can only be achieved on the mutual agreement between two people. The best thing to remember is to relax and enjoy kissing.


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