Styling Your Human Hair Wig

It’s time to style your wig! Don’t worry it’s not as difficult as it may seem. You only have to be careful with handling your wig. There is a difference in the styling techniques depending on if your wig is made hd lace wigs of human or synthetic hair. Today I will discuss styling human hair wigs.

Styling a Human Hair Straight Wig
A human hair wig is styled just like your own hair. You can curl it with heated rollers, a curling iron, or even straighten it with a flat iron. I do recommend using wig products for a human hair wig although regular products seem to work too. It’s just nice to be safe and not have any doubts. I suggest placing the human hair wig on a wig stand or wig head and style it as though you were styling a customer’s hair in a salon. Be careful and don’t use too much heat. You would not want to burn your customer’s hair would you?

I use a wire wig brush on my straight human hair wigs because I don’t want to damage the hair in any way. For a straight wig use a wire brush to detangle the wig first before styling. Take a small section of the hair in your finger tips and lightly spray the entire section with a setting lotion before adding heat. Use a flat iron to straighten the hair from the crown of your head to the ends. Remember, not too hot! After you have straightened the whole wig let it cool off before brushing or combing it. You can spray your wig with oil sheen spray after the wig has cooled off. Some people like to spray the wig with oil sheen after they comb it but I like to do it before. It makes the wig so much more manageable and luxurious when you comb or brush it. If you are combing the wig use a wide tooth comb. It works better and it doesn’t pull on the wig. I don’t recommend using holding spray because it can make the hair stiff or sticky. At the end of the day place your wig on a wig stand. You can brush it, comb it, or shake it and leave it alone for the night.

Styling a Human Hair Curly Wig
If you are styling a human hair curly wig you can use heated rollers or a curling iron. Some curly wigs hold their style and you don’t have to use any type of heat on them at all. Just use your finger tips to fluff up your curls, spray them with a little oil sheen spray, shake your wig and go. I don’t recommend picking your curls at all, this can cause your wig to frizz and lose its curl. Mousse works very well if you are trying to achieve a wet look. Carry a small spray bottle with water in it to keep your curls looking fresh throughout the day. Please spray your hair in a private area, such as a restroom or in the car. I think it would be rude to others not to. I don’t recommend using holding spray on curly wigs but it’s up to you. I think curls should look natural and flow not stiff and fake. If you are using heated rollers or a curling iron please use a medium to low setting and always use setting lotion before applying heat. It makes a world of difference in holding your curl and preventing damage to your wig.


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