The Ultimate Guide To Giving A Satisfying Lingam Massage


The Ultimate Guide To Giving A Satsifying Lingam Massage

This ultimate guide will help you learn the basics of sensual massage in London and give your client an unforgettable experience. This guide includes information about the history and anatomy, lighting and preparation for penis massage. You’ll feel like a pro at this massage and your clients will be impressed by your skill.

The Origins Of Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a branch of tantric massage that focuses on penis pleasure. Tantra is a holistic approach to body care that has its roots in phallic worship. It is often associated with Hindu god Shiva, who represents the creative principle of the universe. While it has its origins in India, the practice is not limited to Hinduism.

Lingam massage uses pressure to target key energy points in the body. It usually begins with the less intimate areas, like the upper back, legs, and chest. Once the energy is controlled, the therapist will only move to more intimate areas. The aim is to induce a state of blissful relaxation in the recipient.

Lingam massage is good for your body. For example, it can help men overcome blocked sex or increase sex intimacy. It is also believed to help lingam devotees attain higher levels of spirituality. It improves mental clarity, which helps them stay in touch with the Divine.

Lingam massage uses a variety of strokes, pressure, rhythm, and movements. Different strokes are used to target different erogenous areas. When giving a lingam massage, the goal should be to slow down and enjoy every sensation. The lingam massage should focus first on the testicles. Then, it should be used on the perineum, which is also a sensual area.

Traditional lingam massage was associated with tantric practice. It is believed to help men attain spiritual, emotional, and sexual evolution. The lingam massage can be used to help you reach a state of blissful bliss when done correctly. It can also help men overcome premature sexual desire. Those who have experienced the massage have described the experience as a profoundly spiritual experience.

Anatomy of the Lingam

Lingam massage is a massage style that focuses on the penis, testicles, and prostate. It aims to create a profound sense of relaxation, and helps the receiver release pent-up tension. The lingam massage encourages complete surrender to pleasure, putting the receiver in touch with aspects of his sexuality he may not otherwise experience.

This massage style begins with exploration of the pubic area. It explores the hairy hill below the shaft of the penis, also known as the lingam hill. It also focuses attention on the urethra. This massage also targets the prostate and scrotum. The massage should be done in a warm area, with a mirror and with lubricant.

This massage technique is very effective for men. It helps men reconnect with their masculinity and embrace their masculine energy. Tantra Lingam massage helps men rebuild themselves from the ground up. Men need to learn how to control their lingam’s energy. It helps men to understand their true nature and harness their masculine energy in order to achieve their goals.

Men can also have an orgasm with lingam massage. It can increase their empathetic feelings towards their partner and their sexual intuition. It is a great way to put your partner at ease and receive good feelings. It can also help you have a more satisfying relationship with your partner.

It is best to spend at least three hours learning the technique. Make sure you’re in a private room, and have the necessary supplies ready. To start, heat up some oil. If you don’t have oil on hand, consider using a silicone-based lube. This will keep the lingam from being absorbed easily and preserve its sensitivity.

Preparing for Penis Massage

Getting ready for a satisfying Lingam massage requires a bit of practice and preparation. A successful lingam massage will require you to have your nails properly filed and be gentle with your perineum. You should also avoid pinching the penis or rubbing it. Before you begin, it is a good idea to get feedback from the man about the experience. During the Lingam massage, you should try to make the man relaxed, but not too relaxed. After the massage, it is important to cuddle. Some men may even want to go to sleep after the treatment.

You can make it more enjoyable for the recipient by starting with the male sacred spot. This is located midway between the testicles and the anus. Gently massage this area using the left hand. This area is called the Million Dollar Point in Taoism. It can be used to expand orgasms and master sexual control.

If you’ve never given a Lingam massage before, you should plan for at least three hours. If you can, ensure you are in a private area and have all the necessary supplies. To properly massage the Lingam, you will need lubricant and oil. Try using a silicone-based massage oil, as this won’t absorb quickly and will preserve the Lingam’s sensitivity.

Before performing the Lingam massage, make sure you’ve learned some tantric massage techniques. The Lingam may go soft for a while, then become hard again. Keep going until the Lingam feels firm. This will allow you to create a more satisfying Lingam Massage. It will also give you the chance to learn how to work with Lingam in sexually satisfying ways.

Lingam massages can be very effective in relieving stress and allowing the recipient to experience more pleasure. It’s a safe and gentle way for your partner to see your soft side. While you’re at the same time, you can explore your spirituality and create a mindful practice.

Set the Lighting

Ensure the lighting is comfortable and low to create a peaceful atmosphere for your lingam massage. It is best to play soft, relaxing music. You can choose from either new age or eastern music, or a combination. Alternatively, if you’d rather have silence, try playing soothing tracks on YouTube.

You can also use candles to lighten the air and smell it. You can also light incense or burn massage candles. You can also choose a scent that you like. Flowers can also be used to scent the room. You might also want to use flowers to enhance the mood of your massage providers.

A lingam massage increases intimacy in a relationship. It can also be used to break up a bedtime routine. Your partner will feel like he’s being worshiped, and you’ll be able to focus on his needs. This massage is a great way for you to show your man that you care and make him feel special.

The first step in a relaxing lingam massage is setting the mood. Dim lighting helps build a relaxing atmosphere. Avoid bright fluorescent lights, as they don’t create the same effect as a dim lamp. You might also want to consider lighting your room with scented candles, which will further enhance the sensual experience.

Remember the Details

It is important to know a few things if you want to give your partner a memorable lingam massage. Lingam massages are not only about sexual pleasure but also about intimacy. You want to give your partner a satisfying, relaxing lingam massage. Make sure you have all the details in order and allow your partner plenty of time for orgasm.

Set the mood for your massage. You may choose to create a romantic, sexual, or spiritual atmosphere by creating a mindset of openness. Scent oils can be used to enhance the experience and awareness of your massage. When you’re performing your technique, move your hands slowly and smoothly. Make sure to relax as much as you can during the massage. Make sure to use firm but gentle pressure, and avoid jerking movements during the massage.

A lingam massage increases empathy towards the partner and improves sexual intuition. It can also make the recipient more relaxed and more open to pleasure. The results can be quite dramatic. Lingam massages improve the circulation, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress throughout the body. They also help relieve muscle aches and tension throughout the entire body. The end result is a sexual experience that’s both pleasurable for both partners.

If you’d like to give a lingam massage but have trouble making your partner orgasm, you can help your partner focus on his breathing. You can do this by lightening your touch, or by teaching him a breathing technique. This will make it easier to create a more relaxed environment.

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