Visiting a Chinese Medical Hall For the First Time

For a very long time, Western medicine and its practitioners have always been on a collision course with traditional versions of medication, from the Gaelic forms of Medicine still surviving in parts of Ireland to the Chinese herbal and traditional forms of medication. Contentious and uneasy would be the words to describe the relationship these two forms of healing have had in the past but of late, they have seen the counsellor – because Western medicine and the world that follows this field have been looking at the effect of Chinese traditional medicine and how some of its areas are beginning to show more effectiveness than the prosthetic pill.

Singapore, with its large population of Chinese rooted from migrations from mainland China, still have proponents of Chinese medicine and traditional halls that abound upon its modern streets and futuristic skylines. If you happen to want to visit traditional Chinese medicine halls in an effort to look for alternative forms of natural medication, there are some points that you should note first.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM can appear in many forms, from acupuncture, herbal and natural roots and extracts, naturally based medicine, dietary therapy and certain forms of traditional massage. While I wont go into the ying and yang of the matter, I will state that that TCM Singapore is very much based on the practices based in China. Very much like Ayurvedhic forms of medicine in India, TCM believes that illness and disease is due to the unbalance of the human body – where the five elements within the body are in flux and chaos, of one overpowering the other and allowing chaos to reign within the internal universe of the body.

Come in with an open mind because the diagnosis process isn’t like a modern clinic or hospital and while the prognosis and issuance of medicine may seem vague and almost archaic in nature. Hidden within this traditionalism is a process where areas of an affliction are focused and treated with herbs and roots with a traditional and scientific reputation for cooling the body, treating common ailments, natural painkillers and even herbs that give strength and increases the body’s immune system strength.

The methods are either traditionally boiled, distilled 推拿 into a liquid or even consumed whole at certain times of the day. Most importantly, experts of TCM will ask you to abstain from certain types of food for a certain period of time. This is part of the dietary treatment that TCM’s normally would diagnose as part of the healing process and there is quite a bit to it. Chinese food therapy is one of the main treatments that Western medication is looking at because while pills and potions work with Western Medication, the one problem is that abstaining from food is devoid from certain parts of the diagnosis for problem which are not serious but common.

Oh and have yourself checked if you allergic to any herb or root, it would be quite unpleasant if you were to contract a rash or averse reaction to something that is suppose to heal you


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