Wholesale Gummi Bears Are Perfect For Your Charity Event

Anyone with a legitimate non-profit organization has an employer identification number. This means the organization can order products on a wholesale basis from many suppliers. Many non-profits are also tax-exempt, delta 8 prerolls resulting in additional cost savings on purchases. Charities hold fund raisers like bake sales on a regular basis. They should also consider ordering wholesale gummi bears and other gummi treats and having a candy sale.

The profit margin on candy is huge and few people can resist the treats. While a person on a diet will pass by the fattening cookies and cakes, many gummi treats are low-calorie and non-fat. Charities can even order sugar-free bears and other gummies that are diet and diabetic-friendly. No one has to sacrifice when it comes to these delicious chewy candies that are available in a variety of flavors and colors.

In addition to regular bears, charities will find the increasingly popular krunch bears. These are regular bears coated in colorful non pariels. Some of these crunchy treats feature a sour or flavored coating, adding to the taste experience. Chocolate covered bears are another variation on the traditional, creating a creamy and chewy combination. Adults tend to gravitate toward the chocolate coated gummies because they believe the treats are more sophisticated.

While shopping for multiple pounds of bears, charity groups may find the other types of gummies just as tempting. By adding some worms, rings, and unique shapes like raspberries, butterflies, soldiers, and fish, their fundraisers will be even more successful. Huge packages of the top selling styles of gummies are available for those charities that have difficulty making purchasing decisions. The package features nearly 500 pounds of all the most popular gummi candy, which always includes the adorable bears.

After the candy is purchased, it is time to package it. Filling jars with bears and adding a ribbon or strand of artificial pearls creates a nice gift. Mason jars can be filled and topped with a cloth covering with raffia used to secure it. Add a gingham style gift tag to complete the look and an impressive presentation is created.

If contests are involved, fill a huge jar with a known quantity of wholesale gummi bears and allow people to wager a bet to guess the number. The winner gets the jar filled with gummies and the charity keeps the proceeds. Bears can also be packed into decorative candy bags and included in a gift basket as part of a Chinese auction.

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