World of Warcraft Money – Gold is Good

If you like to play World of Warcraft then you know that while having a pocket full of gold is a good thing it’s not the easiest thing to accomplish.

Norrath’s monetary system is very simple. All money is copper, silver or gold coins. When you start at level 1 you will earn a few coppers for completing quests, loot from monsters or selling items that you receive as loot but can’t use or don’t need. As you gain levels the loot gets better and better, right on up to level 80.

If you decide, and you should, that you want to start a trade that is a very good way to make some extra money. While some materials need to be purchased for the trade that you choose, many can be obtained through normal game play, such as cloth, leather and metal ores. These items normally stack in groups of twenty so save a few stacks up and put them in the bank until you decide to work on your trade skills. If you have items that you don’t need for your particular trade, put them in the auction house and sell them to someone who  Buy wow gold  needs that item for their trade.

Selling items in the auction house that are in most major cities in Norrath easy and a great way to make World of Warcraft money. Much of the loot that you will get from killing “mobs” in the game will be items that you can’t or don’t care to use. Putting them in the auction house will give other players a chance to buy those items from you.

There are a lot of people that attempt to sell WoW gold. I do not recommend buying gold from these people. As tempting as it sounds this is a bad idea. I have heard horror stories of players who bought gold and had their accounts hacked. Besides the possibility of having your account hacked, buying gold can get you banned from World of Warcraft.



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